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Throughout the years, I've been asked to sell copies of my photographs, but was usually unable to comply for various reasons, so now I'm making practically ALL of them available. There are a couple that I can't/won't sell and, accordingly, their SKU links don't work.

I tried to make the site pictures as close as possible to the original image, but monitor and other differences mean that your colors may vary. Cropping will have to be at my discretion - I'd go nuts otherwise. This means that if an 8x10 has to be full-frame, it may actually wind up as a 7x10 image on 8x10 paper.

Some images had to be cropped on the site so that a face became larger and sharper. You may get it that way or the original way I shot it.

Photos will be matte finish. If you require glossy, send me an email or put it in a note on the PayPal form or with your mailed payment. Glossy may take extra time.

A custom photo lab will make your print and send it by Second Day Air to US addresses.

US shipping is free. Shipping outside the US is $20.00. Anything shipped to a New Jersey address requires adding 6% sales tax to the price.

Sizes and Prices of Photos:

8x10 - $99.00 (NJ addresses add $5.94 sales tax - total $104.94)
10x15 - $129.00 (NJ addresses add $7.74 sales tax - total $136.74)
16x20 - $149.00 (NJ addresses add $8.94 sales tax - total $157.94)

Payment is to be made by PayPal, US money order, or US bank cashier's check ONLY. No personal checks. Outside of the US must use PayPal.

If ordering offline, make money order/cashier's check payable to "Bob Leafe Photography" and mail to:

Bob Leafe Photography
P.O. Box 771
Maywood, NJ 07607

IMPORTANT NOTE: As mentioned elsewhere on the site, purchasing a print does not give you the right to reproduce it or to utilize it in any way OTHER than simply displaying and looking at it.........PERIOD. Sounds harsh, but that's how copyright works.

Thanks for visiting my site. And if you selected one of my prints for display, I'm honored.

Bob Leafe

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